If you prepared a Contingency Plan, chances are that it is broad and encompassing in nature and spans a several month-planning horizon.  In the event of an unavoidable disster, you also need a highly detailed "Zero Hour Emergency Preparedness Action Plan" that will apply over the "anticipated potential trouble period" just before, during and after a disaster takes place.

This unique practitioner's publication provides you with a carefully thought out blueprint and guideline that describes the most important components to consider in developing your "Zero Hour" Contingency Plan and a how to structure your Emergency Command and Control Center (ECCC).

In addition, you can also license the use of a detailed Zero Hour Emergency Preparedness Action Plan (Section7) that describes detailed steps to manage the emergency period prior and during any major disaster to minimize potential disruptions and losses.  This version of the publication is available in electronic (software) form to enable you to legally copy and use the contents of the entire manual.

The plan also deals with the organization for a Zero Hour Emergency Command and Control Center (ECCC), the anticipation, vigilance, and monitoring of events, and quick actions that organizations must be prepared to implement upon Y2K arrival. The electronic version of the manual provides a detailed action plan to cover the emergency phase planning horizon, as distinct from the overall issues involoved in a total contingency plan covered in our Contingency Plan model (CPMOD).

Save yourself and your company precious person-months of development effort and capitalize on our experience obtained in developing Zero Hour Emergency Preparedness Plans.


1.     What Is the Zero Hour Emergency Phase?

2.     Difference Between the Regular and Aggregate Contingency Plan and the Zero Hour               Contingencies Plan. Planning Horizon for the Zero Hour

3.     Major Components of a Zero Hour Emergency Plan

4.     Considerations in Preparing the Zero Hour Plan - Key Strategies

5.     Description of the Major Zero Hour Components

6.     The Zero Hour Emergency Command and Control Center (ECCC)

7.     A Detailed Action Plan for the Zero Hour 

        (Section 7 is available by licensing the electronic version of the manual)


Printed Version of Manual with Sections 1 to 6,  $299 in US, $325 overseas.

For electronic version with Sections 1 to 6 plus the detailed Action Plan (Section 7), please inquire:

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