Paradox of the Soul

This unique book is a about a view of the world and the magic of life.  Much like a child, you will be set free from the mundane, uncaring, and self-absorbed bondage that we as adults can be immersed on from time to time.  Only then you will be closer to attaining the happiness and self-actualization that we all crave. 

A compelling and poignant literary and artistic odyssey, Paradox of the Soul is a stirring debut. 

It will draw your heart and emotion, without angst, into the open.  In return, your enlightened soul will take a kinder and gentler perspective toward life.  You will enjoy the ride!

About the Author

Richard Stuart Kuong originates from Delaware and was raised in New England.  Restless to discover the world, he left home at the tender age of fifteen.  He has gained broad experience, having worked in a steel firm, the legal profession, and a Fortune 30 company.  In addition his experiences as a published author, a martial arts artist, a musician, an athlete, a police officer and a Major in the United States Marine Corps have provided him with much fuel for his stories and fiction.  He wrote Paradox of the Soul over several years of much reflection.   

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Reviews - Readers have lauded Paradox of the Soul:

Many famous and prominent authors have written  of the savagery and terror of combat - Stephen Crane, John dos Passos, Ernest Hemingway, and Norman Mailer come to mind.  But none has done it more effectively or with greater impact than Richard Stuart Kuong in his gem of a tale...The narrative flows easily.  Kuong's prose has a lyrical , almost poetic quality that greatly enhances the story's readability. The stark realism of the battle scenes and the sensitivity of the love scenes are ample proof this writer knows whereof he speaks

- William Riepe, writer, web site author.   Literary critic, Korean War combat veteran.

These endearing stories give you a warm sensation in your heart and a tingling in your soul.  You get the feeling that you know the characters personally and have lived their stories yourself.

- Heather Haines, Accountant