MAP-27, Computer Viruses: Myths, Realities and Safeguards
MASP Staff

Price: $60 North America; $69 Overseas.
ISBN 0-940706-24-5

This book provides you fundamental knowledge on viruses, what they mean to your organization and what you should do to minimize company exposure.


Part I. Background & Current EDP Environment.
1. Management Summary.
2. What is A Computer Virus?
3. Impact of Virus Infections - Threats and Exposures.
4. Environments Vulnerable to Virus Attacks.

Part II. Case Histories.
5. Evolution and Case Histories (History, Summary of Known Computer Viruses. Other Incidents. New Viruses).

Part III. Protection Approaches and Safeguards.
6. Framework for Protection Against Virus Infections.
7. Internal Controls Program.
8. Control Zone 1: Microcomputers and PCs.
9. Control Zone 2: Software.
10. Control Zone 3: Connectivity and Networking.
11. Software Protection Approaches: Anti-viral Software.
12. Legislation and Legal Control Approaches.
13. Impact on Contingency Planning and Recovery Provisions - Audit Implications.