MAP-26, System Development Audits - Traditional & New Methodologies
by David B. Dunmore

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ISBN 0 940706-22-9

All about system development audits and systems development project controls in one volume.


Part 1: Establishing a System Development Audit Function: Realities of System Development Audits (SDAs) • SDA Prerequisites • Reporting • Auditor Roles and Acceptability.
Part 2: Audit Scope, Risk Management Assessment • The crucial First Week.
Part 3: Traditional Methodologies • Conceptual Design • Detailed Design • System Test • Installation.
Part 4: Auditing Outside Software Services • Vendor Evaluation • Contract Previews • Ready-made Software Packages • Turnkey Systems • Consultants.
Part 5: Auditing Modern Development Methodologies • End-User Systems • Prototyping • Iterative Development • Emergency Installations.
Part 6: Auditing Special Systems • Point-of-Sale • Expert Systems • High-Volume Transaction Systems • Electronic Mail & Voice Messaging Systems • CASE, Computer-Assisted System Engineering Tools • Future of System Development Audits.
Appendix. Sample Audit Plans for each type of system development audit.

MAP-26 has been recommended for the preparation for the CISA examination.