MAP-24, Audit and Control of Data Communication Networks
Chester M. Winters

Price: $65 North America; $80 Overseas
ISBN 0-94-706-20-2

The most practical and comprehensive manual on "how to" control and audit modern data communication networks developed over years of experience in the management, audit and control of networks. Acclaimed worldwide, it is the standard on his topic. MAP-24 is truly a treatise on audit & control and not just another book on the technical aspects of data communications. It will save you years of development effort.


1. Introduction. Telecommunication Networks - Uses and Basic Concepts.
2. Hardware & Hardware Control (terminal, modems, lines, concentrator/multiplexers, front-end communications processor, communications controllers)
3.  Network Administration
4. Network Security & Integrity (risks and exposures, security approach, identification/authorization, controls for dial-up, audit).
5. Network Management - The Data Base (database in a network, responsibility matrix, network data base controls- access & privacy)
6. Network Lines and Communications.
7. Network Software (components, VTAM, monitors, etc.) and controls.
8. Network Operation - Problem Reporting & Change Controls
9. The Network & Distributed Data Processing.
10. Microcomputer/Mainframe Connectivity
11. Network Disaster Recovery. Appendix. (Excellent comprehensive pictorial glossary).