MAP-22, ATM Control, Audit and Security
by Chester M. Winters

The only available publication for Bankers, Auditors ATM Branch managers and Security Officers with real-world proven control and audit practices and steps for ATM elements by an experienced practitioner.

Price $60 U.S. - $75 Overseas

ISBN: 0-940706-17-2


1. Automatic Teller Machines. Key components. How ATMs work and access process.
2. Physical Security. Site security and controls. Customer and service personnel safety. Burglary and Vandalism. Audit Steps.
3. Account Controls and Card Issuance. Control objectives and techniques, Hot cards. Negative Files.
4. Pin Issuance and Control. Pin request and generation. Controls for: bank and customer-generated PINs and PIN Issuance and generation.
5. ATM Operations. Cash Control and Account Management.
6. ATM Network Management. ATM Network Components. Control Requirements. Network Dependability, Reliability and Capacity. Transmission Security.
7. ATM Processing Control. Transaction Processing Controls. ATM Computer Program Controls. Types of ATM control reports.
8. Shared ATM Networks. Concepts and Arrangements. The Shared Network Agreement. Audit Procedure. Transaction processing & transmittal.    The settlement process.
9. ATM Servicing & Maintenance. Using in-house Service Teams. Key Controls. 10. Appendix. Regulation "E". Sample Audit Program. (Audit Steps).