MAP-20, Microcomputer Security, Auditability and Controls
by Javier F. Kuong, G.I. Isaacson and C.M. Winters

Price: $50 North America; $60 Overseas.
ISBN 0-940706-16-4

A team of experts offers you the most comprehensive treatise on controls and security practices for microcomputers and workstations, including control policies, standards and techniques to meet prestated detail-level control and security objectives for stand-alone and for interconnected micros.


Part 1. Introduction and General Background
1. Microcomputers and Distributed Data Processing Environment.
2. Threats and Exposures.
3. Auditability Considerations of Microcomputers.
4. Control Framework for Microcomputer Systems.

Part 2. Stand-Alone Microcomputer Systems.
5. General Administrative Controls (Policy, Standards, Technical Support).
6. Controls for the microcomputer system (physical security, files, diskettes, library, vendors, user, transaction controls).
7. Controls for Software.