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Since 1973, COM-SAC, the most established periodical on the subject, brings you comprehensive tutorials and the most complete digest service of all the important articles, books and publications from thousands of sources, in a to-the-point and informative style, to keep you abreast of developments and save countless person-months of research. COM-SAC is published quarterly.

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1.    Practical tutorials and articles on topics of current interest.

2.    Comprehensive literature reviews & digests classified into these categories:

A. New Information Technologies Management Control
B. Auditing of Information Technology
C. Contingency Planning and Business Continuity
D. Data/Software Security
E. Computer Abuse/Fraud/Terrorism
F. Internal Controls
G. Legal and Insurance
H. Networks and Advanced Systems/E-Commerce, Internet.
I. Methods & Procedures
J. Privacy
K. Quality Assurance
L. Security in General
M. Internet sources
N. Checklists/Guidelines

3.    Books and Other Sources Reviews

4.    Product Reviews

5.    List of periodicals reviewed (over 100 journals regularly searched for data)



The table of contents of the most recent issue, Volume 29, No. 3, 2002 follows

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