MAP-19, Controls for Advanced/On-Line/Database
Systems, Volumes 1 (Updated) and 2
J.F. Kuong

Price: $120 two volumes, N.
Amer.- Overseas, $140
8-1/2 x 11, soft cover ISBN 0-940706-08-3

The most comprehensive compendium of control objectives & control solutions for managers, designers, auditors, data base administrators, security specialists and systems users to help specify and review controls.


Volume 1.

  1. Introduction. New characteristics of on-line systems.
  2. Advanced/On-Line/Client/Server/Data Base Systems. Types of On-line systems and new Information Technologies (Client/server, Object technology, distributed and cooperative processing).
  3. Integrity and Control Objectives for On-line Systems.
  4. Threats and risks.
  5. How to Use the Manual.
  6. Controls for Data Entry.
  7. Controls for Zone Data Communications.

Volume 2.

  1. General Environment (data center) Controls.
  2. Controls for On-Line Application Programs.
  3. Controls for Data Base. DB Integrity. Control Objectives and. Controls for Data Baser: Contents, Security and Privacy, Recovery, Audibility/Audit Trails).
  4. Controls for Data Base Administration. Controls for Data and Data Base Administration Functions.
  5. Control Zone Environmental Software. Exposures and Controls.
  6. Controls for Data Base Development. System development/standards in a DB Environment.