An Action Plan for Corporate Energy Savings and a Green Planet

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PREFACE                                                                                   iii

CONTENTS                                                                               v

1.       The Green Enterprise and the Green Planet            

1.1         The Worldwide Green Revolution and the Enterprise’s   

         Need to Contribute                                                           1-1

1.2         Purpose of this Book                                                         1-3

1.3         Why Focus on Enterprises to Embrace and Adopt a     

         Green Posture?                                                               1-3

1.4         What About the Means for Enterprises to Achieve the  

         Green Enterprise?                                                             1-5

1.5         The Green Enterprise – An Ongoing and Evolving Proposition 1-6

1.6     Evidence of a Fast Spreading Drive to Aim for the

         Green Enterprise                                                              1-7

1.7    Additional Push for Going Green in IT                                1-9

1.8     Conclusion                                                                         1-11

2.      The Broad Green Enterprise Panorama - Key Considerations

2.1         The Green Enterprise Program Can Be Complex

         and Multifaceted                                                                2-1

2.2         The Business Proposition for a Green Enterprise           2-2

2.3         Mounting Evidence in Favor of Adopting the Green

Effort in the IT Domain                                                       2-4

2.4         The Green Enterprise Panorama                                      2-6

2.5         Benefits to the Enterprise and to the Planet from a                                

         Green Enterprise Program                                               2-8

2.6         A Description of the Macroscopic Benefits                       2-10

2.7         The Need for an Overall Action Plan to Achieve the        

Goals of a Green Enterprise                                              2-14

3.             The Green IT Infrastructure

3.1    Purpose of This Chapter                                                  3-1

3.2    IT Is a Vital Support Infrastructure Susceptible to

         Becoming Green and Contributing to the Enterprise’s

         Greening Goals                                                                3-1

3.3         Virtualization is Not the Same as Enterprise Greening     3-3

3.4    Embarking on an Green IT Program                                      3-4

3.5   Laying Out the Potential Areas for IT Greening                 3-7

         Figure 3-1. Areas or Domains for IT Greening                  3-7

3.6         Additional Strategies for reducing Energy Costs in the

IT Domain                                                                          3-9

Figure 3-2. Additional IT Strategies for Reducing                            

Energy Costs                                                                     3-10

3.7    What Is Virtualization?                                                       3-12

3.8    Role of Virtualization in IT                                                  3-12

3.8         Benefits of Going Green IT                                                3-10

3.9         Benefits of Going Green IT                                                3-13

3.10  Benefits of Virtualization                                                      3-17

3.11  Recommendations from a Green Enterprise

         Symposium                                                                      3-19                   

3.12  Strategies to Consider to Reach Green Enterprise

          and Green Environment Goals    3-22

3.13  Data Center Savings and Green Issues                            3-24

3.14  Additional Strategies that Can Contribute to Reduce   

Energy and Fuel Consumption and Improve Operational

Efficiency – Adopting Mobile Personnel Policies             3-28

3.15  Future Opportunities for Greening IT                                 3-28


4.      Approach, Strategy and Success Factors for a Green Enterprise

4.1    The Many Potential Sources that Can Contribute to            

         the Green Enterprise and a Green Planet                         4-1

4.2    Purpose of this Chapter                                                     4-2

4.3    Broad Strategies to Consider in Reaching the

         Green Enterprise and Green Planet Goals                       4-2

         Figure 4-1. Strategies for Designing, Deploying and

         Operating Green Enterprise Programs, Processes,

         Provisions and Practices                                                   4-3

4.4    Adopting a Policy of Including Energy Usage   

         Considerations in Every New Process Design or  

         Modification as Part of the Green Enterprise Design         

         Philosophy                                                                          4-7

4.5     Other Strategies that Contribute to Reduce Energy

and Fuel Consumption                                                      4-8

1.   The Remote Office and the Mobile Work Force               

      - Increase Employee Mobility                                      4-8      

2.   Other Transportation Energy Saving Schemes or   

      Ideas to Which Companies Are Resorting to Save

       Carbon-based Fuels Consumption                             4-10

3.   The Paperless Society or Rather the Less-Paper-

               Society                                                                         4-11

         4.    Travel, Transportation and Shipping                           4-13

         5.   Better Packaging Approaches and Packaging                                          

                Materials Management                                                4-14

         6.   Waste Disposal and Avoidance and Removal of

               Toxic Materials                                                            4-15

4.7    Adopting a Broad View of Greening the Enterprise and        

         the Planet                                                                          4-16

4.8    Taking Into Account the Entire Set of Elements

         Associated with a Green Enterprise and a Green

         Planet Before Making Green Decisions that Are in

         Synchronization with the Enterprise’s Green Strategy

         Articulated by Senior Management.                                    4-17

4.9    Taking Into Account the Entire Set of Elements

         Associated with a Greene Enterprise and a Green

         Planet Before Making Green decisions that Are in

         Synchronization with the Enterprise’s Green Strategy

         Articulated by Senior Management                                    4-19

         Figure 4-6. A General Framework for Assessing

         Broad and Complex Green Enterprise and External

         Green Planet Initiatives                                                      4-22

4.10  Chapter Summary                                                             4-25


5.A    Master Plan of Action for the Green Enterprise


5.1    A Master or Action Plan Is a Must for Success                 5-1

5.2    A Master Plan of Action Offers Many Benefits and

         Provides a Road Map and an Effective Means to

         Track Progress                                                                  5-2

5.3    Structure of a Sound Plan of Action                                  5-3

5.4    Key Phases in Developing, Deploying and Operating

         a Green Enterprise Program     5-4

5.5    Description of a Detailed Plan of Action                            5-5

5.6    Phase 1. Program Conception and Initiation                     5-7

5.7    Phase 2. Organization and Accountability – Appoint a             

         Key Executive to Guide the Green Enterprise Program  5-11

5.8    Phase 3. Identify the Business Process-Domains and

         Support Infrastructure that Merit the Most Attention          5-13

5.9    Phase 4. Objectives, Strategy and a Top-down

         Approach                                                                            5-18

5.10  Phase 5. Design and Detailed Development                    5-26

5.11  Implementation and Training – Time Table                       5-30

5.12  Phase 7. Adjust the Green Enterprise Program as

         Needed                                                                               5-34

5.13     Key steps for Executive Management to Set the Tone

         for a Successful Green enterprise Initiative                       5-38

5.14  Summary on Greening of the Enterprise                           5-41

5.15  A List of Key Elements to Facilitate the Greening Effort

         on an Ongoing and Sustainable Basis                              5-44


A.      Literature References                                                        i

B.      Terminology                                                                       iii

C.     Vendor Literature and Products                                         v

Index    xiii