CPR-J, Contingency Planning & Recovery Journal

The recent world adverse events, September 11 terrorism attacks, natural disasters, cyber and intentional terrorism and other attacks to a company's infrastructure demand that organization have effective contingency and business continuity plans.  The field of contingency planning, business continuity and business resumption has become increasingly complex and is a continuing state of change.

CPR-J is the business continuity journal for all concerned with enterprise and IT contingency planning, emergency preparedness and business resumption. CPR-J presents the latest developments in this complex field, where change is the norm, to keep you up to date.

Government regulations demand sound and well tested contingency plans for companies and financial institutions. Management is liable for protecting company business continuity.

Business continuity programs and plans are now a strategic business tool to attract cautious clients that demand guarantees of supply continuity and who include business continuity/supply chain protection clauses in purchasing agreements.

Senior management all the way up to the Board are compelled to ascertain that their organizations are properly protected as matter of 'due diligence' and to minimize the risk of class action suits.

CPR-J quarterly features practical articles and a comprehensive digest of key developments and literature reviews in the field to keep you abreast of developments.

Subscription rate: $75 in North America; $96 overseas. • ISSN: 0899-4595