MAP-25, How to Audit EDP
Contingency & Recovery Provisions

by Javier F. Kuong

Price: $60 North America; $75 Overseas

ISBN 0-940706-21-0

This unique practitioner's book provides you with all the information you need to plan and execute in-depth reviews of contingency and recovery capabilities. Whether you are an auditor, CPA, consultant, security or DP professional, you need MAP-25.


Part I. Introduction.

  1. Why Have Business Continuity Plans?
  2. Management Responsibility for Business Continuity.

Part II. Business Continuity Plan Structure.

  1. Preventive and Remedial Business Continuity.
  2. Phases in Developing a Contingency & Recovery Plan.
  3. The Main Body of the Contingency Plan.

Part III. Auditing the Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery Provisions.

  1. Why Audit Contingency Planning & Disaster Recovery Provisions?
  2. Preliminary Audit Steps.
  3. Preparing the Audit Plan.
  4. High Audit Priority Areas.
  5. Test Approaches, Tools and Techniques.
  6. Auditing the Initiation and Administrative Aspects.
  7. Auditing Emergency Preparedness.
  8. Auditing User Stand-By Provisions.
  9. Auditing Back-up Provisions.
  10. Auditing Recovery Aspects.
  11. Documentation Audit.
  12. Plan Up-To-Dateness.  Appendix.