CW-1, Contingency Plan Preparation Workshop

This course is presented in house to help develop the structure and a model of your actual contingency plan.

COURSE FEE: $1,250


This unique workshop provides practitioners with a hands-on opportunity to prepare a contingency plan in a simulated environment.

The workshop includes the identification of major sources of business discontinuity exposure and critial single points of failure.  This is used to develop key disaster sceanrios for which there shoiud continegncy and business continuity provisions.

Participanst will receive a docuemnetation template to prepare the details of each specific cotingency and business continuity plan.

Participants are urged to bring as much information on their contingency planning needs and their particular environment. What the workshop covers:

Day 1: Fundamentals of contingency planning and disaster recovery

Days 2: Hands-on workshop to apply the principles learned

Participants receive workshop notes, a textbook and guidelines to prepare the plan.