CP-4, Client/Server and Distributed System Contingency Planning
By Contingency Planning & Recovery Institute Consulting Staff

ISBN 940706-36-9

Distributed and Client/Server with multiple heterogeneous platforms have seen an unprecedented level of growth.  Distributed and Client/Server systems now process many mission critical systems that require as much, if not more, business continuity and resumption protection as the traditional mainframe centralized systems.  Yet the approaches and techniques used for contingency and business resumption plans of centralized mainframe systems do not  apply to distributed and Client/Server Systems.

This uniqiue practitioner's manual is designed to provide you strategies, approaches and implementation methods suitable for this new computing environment.  It will save you many person-months of effort in researching the literature and developing the best approaches and best practices that are already captured in this manual.

Price:  $299 in US and $325 overseas, including air postage.  Available in three-binder and 8 1/2 by 11 inch format.

Order you copy and begin saving precious time  in developing your business continuity strategy and your specific contingency plan development for the new distributed and Client/Server systems.