CP-3, Contingency Planning for Local Area Networks
J. Shapiro

ISBN 0-940706-29-6

Obtain the most comprehensive treatise ever published with a sample contingency plan, at a small fraction of what consulting services would cost. Written by a practitioner in the field. Price: $ 155 plus $10 postage in N. A. ($167 overseas, inc. postage)


Part I. Background and Methodology.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Contingency Backup Methodology.
  3. LAN Contingency Plan & Development.  PC and LAN Contingency Plan Development.   Why are LAN Environments Different?  Overall Approach to LAN Recovery Plan Development:  Contingency Standards, Impact Analysis, Disaster Prevention.   Backup & Off-site Storage.  LAN Application Action Plans.   Documenting the Plans.  Testing the Plan.  Plan Maintenance.

Part II. A Complete Sample Contingency Plan.

  1. Introduction. 
  2. Plan Distribution.
  3. Recovery Program.  Organization.  Recovery Team Action Plans.  Equipment Inventory.  Data Communications.  Software Inventory.  Software.  LAN Connectivity.  LAN Security.  Emergency Procedures.  Recovery.