CP-1, Standards To Establish An Effective Contingency
Planning & Disaster Recovery Function
CPR-I Staff

The most comprehensive set of guidelines for establishing an effective contingency planning function. Based on consulting experience, the manual was prepared by the CONTINGENCY PLANNING & RECOVERY INSTITUTE' for distribution to its members and is now available to non-members. The manual will save you thousands of dollars of development and consulting time. PRICE: $179 plus $6 postage in N.A. $190 overseas, including postage ISBN 0-94076-25-3


  1.     Vital Need for a Business Continuity Program to Protect a Company's Viability.
  2.     Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery Program.
  3.     Mission Statement - Charter of Responsibilities.
  4.     Organizational Structure Alternatives.
  5.     Job Descriptions.
  6.     Staffing, Skills and Training.
  7.     Management Steps to Establish an Effective Business Continuity Function.
  8.     Standards for Running a Successful Business Continuity Function.
  9.     The Involvement and Role of Supporting Functions.
  10.     Internal Audit and Information Security Roles.