Reengineering Internal Controls (2 days)

Control Self-Assessment (CSA) is a new approach to practicing internal control. It applies modern Business Process Reengineering (BPR) methods to build and assess internal controls via direct involvement of the audit or control functions, quality assurance or information security with line/operational personnel working in teams. Team effort with hands-on CSA workshops are fundamental to CSA. Its effectiveness is attested by the dramatic growth in the adoption of CSA in all types of organizations. If you are not exploring the value of CSA you are missing on a major opportunity to provide value added to your organization.

This active workshop course provides you with all the key concepts, methodologies and implementation guidelines to structure your own CSA program and save you costly implementation mistakes. Principles and practice of facilitation, as applied to CSA is included in the course. You will learn by participating in a class facilitation workshop to set up and develop business objectives, conduct risk assessments, develop control objectives, and formulate "control action plans" to meet the company's business objectives. The course is presented in a lecture and workshop session style. Practical methods to document risk analysis and developments in the facilitation sessions are also demonstrated.

LOCATION/DATES: Please inquire for future dates.



  1. What is CSA and what Are the Benefits?

  2. CSA to help implement the COSO model a reengineer internal control

  3. Approaches to implement CSA.

  4. A framework and a methodology for CSA.

  5. Tools and Techniques for CSA implementation

  6. Impact of CSA on the Internal Audit Program

  7. CSA Facilitation Principles and Practice

  8. Guidelines for CSA Implementation.

  9. Guidelines for CSA Workshop Facilitation

  10. Workshop Sessions

This course can be presented in-house with workshop sessions that enable personnel to work on their own company's applications.

A "Rapid Deployment of CSA" package is available under our consulting offerings to assists companies in installing CSA with hands-on workshops in an actual company environment. See consulting services section.