An Action Plan for Corporate Energy Savings and a Green Planet


The world is undergoing a new revolution aimed at achieving the ideal of a green planet because of serious concerns about of carbon oxide emissions derived from uncontrolled use and abuse of carbon-based fuels. World concern has taken the form of conferences (such as the Kyoto Agreement) and many other forums at the international level.

Parallel to these developments is that fact that countries with large populations are becoming industrialized and have created an unanticipated demand for carbon-based fuels, such as oil, to support their increasing manufacturing infrastructure and supply energy to their ever increasing population that demands more oil and carbon-based energy. This trend is irreversible and demand for carbon-based fuels is certain to continue to increase.   This has been reflected in the unprecedented increase in the price of oil which threatens to disrupt the economy of many industrialized countries and places an undue economic burden on the citizenry of the world.

Many countries’ governments are seriously concerned and preoccupied seeking new approaches to ease the impending energy supply crisis.  It is widely recognized that governments, business enterprises and individual citizens must act and contribute in order to alleviate the problems of saving the planet, its environment and ease the unfolding energy supply and price increase crisis.

Business and government enterprises must follow suit and initiate bold programs to reach the goal of the green planet through achieving the very desirable and goal of a green enterprise.  Business enterprises, which consume a sizable portion of carbon-based energy, are in a unique position to contribute to ease the problem in view of the fact that they can more expediently mandate polices and embark on programs that lead to achieve the green enterprise by virtue of the discipline that can be instilled on company employees.  Enterprises can in fact move much faster than individual citizens who are less likely to change their habitual behavior on the wasteful use of energy resources.

The purpose of this treatise is to provide a practical guide for enterprise executives on how to approach the issue of developing a sound program to achieve a green enterprise.  This includes the greening of the IT infrastructure which is currently making big strides towards energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction through new information technology developments, such as virtualization and datacenter new cooling technologies.

The information presented in this book is largely based on experience advising organizations on organizing for and structuring action plans for complex programs and on extensive research on the current green enterprise developments.



CONTENTS          (For a more detailed table of Contents, click here)                                                                     

1.             The Green Enterprise and the Green Planet.

2.       The Broad Green Enterprise Panorama - Key Considerations

3.             The Green IT Infrastructure

4.      Approach, Strategy and Success Factors for a Green Enterprise

5.      A Master Plan of Action for the Green Enterprise


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