MASP has successfully conducted consulting assignments all over the world for over twenty years on the following main areas of expertise:

MASP provides strategic and tactical-level consulting delivered only by very experienced consultants. MASP's policy is to work in close cooperation with client personnel in order to provide continuity upon project completion, assist in client personnel development and reduce consulting costs.

Through a network of associated consultants in the US and abroad, MASP can draw from additional expertise to provide sound knowledge in several countries. We have unique consulting credentials in Europe and Latin America.

MASP offers client organization flexibility in procuring consulting services based on:

A partial list of assignments for banking, industry, insurance, utilities and government organizations in many parts of the world, include:



The deadline for complying with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for small and international companies is nearing fast.  Your organization needs to urgently "assess" the status of your internal control systems for financial reporting and the internal control structure for all business processes that generate information that will end up in the financial statements.  This is typically  phase one of the overall effort.  Furthermore, the SEC has mandated that a sound and  acceptable framework for internal control must be employed by your organization. They also indicate that the COSO internal control framework is the acceptable framework. 

Whether you use a COSO framework or not, you need to evaluate whether:

      a)       The COSO approach is being utilized and how well; and
      b)      The internal controls under the COSO framework are adequately being addressed.  

We can assist your team in this critical assessment process that will help you elucidate what needs to be done to be compliant with sections 302 and 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley. 

In order to effectively accomplish this crucial task, your organization no doubt also needs a practical risk assessment and risk prioritization methodology to accomplish the analysis phase.  Applying this risk assessment methodology will highlight those areas of high exposure that should receive the "highest" level of internal control attention.   MASP has such a methodology.  We have  successfully used this methodology in consulting and training assignments for decades worldwide. 

We have trained hundreds of risk management professionals and regular employees on how to conduct these risk assessments in a very short time period.  The methodology is so practical and simple that it can be taught to people with all educational levels and without any previous experience in risk assessment in a matter of hours via hands-on workshops using their real-life situations.
Whatever you need:

We can assist and supplement your internal Sarbanes-Oxley compliance team.  We can also assist you in preparing a detailed compliance plan of action using a top-down strategy.  This strategy considers your organization's mission statement objectives with an enterprise-wide vision as opposed to a narrow information technologies view of the problem.

We also collaborate with CPA firms and consulting firms to complement their expertise and internal resources that may be overcommited to clients.

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We have installed Control Self-Assessment programs and can provide a "rapid deployment" or "quick start" consulting and training package to help you install your own "Control Self-Assessment Programs with audit/control and line personnel's active participation in facilitation sessions dealing with actual company operational problems in record time.

Your staff is equipped to take over to minimize consulting/training costs. This includes a proprietary a manual on "Guidelines for Implementing and Facilitating CSA Programs", and a risk analysis methodology.

We have a unique and proven methodology and implementation manuals for Control-Self-Assessment Programs. We can help you in install CSA programs world-wide.

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The key to outsourcing IT applications and services to Application Service Providers (ASPs) is to develop a sound set of Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements that your company insists upon as a minimum to be willing to outsource IT applications and services with an acceptable level of trust.   The young ASP outsourcing model, while economically attractive, lacks a set of firm standard SLAs.   Outsourcing without a clear set of SLAs is extremely risky.

Management Advisory Services & Publications (MASP) has devoted person years of effort to developing criteria and contents for SLAs.  It provides consulting services to assist your organization in developing effective service level agreement (SLAs) packages to help you in selecting and negotiating with ASP outsource service companies.

Our advisory services include:

Our knowledge package in SLA development is unique.   It is backed up by practitioner's proprietary manuals on SLAs and ASP selection.   These manuals can be provided to your organization in electronic format to permit easy adjustment and editing to be incorporated as part of your internal SLA documentation.   

Call us at (781) 235-2895 to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you in expediting your ASP outsourcing and SLA procurement package. 


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