- Restructuring Enterprise Protection and Security Functions

Location/Date:  BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

Major Changes in the Global Threat and Conventional Threat Landscape Demand Enterprise Protection Overhaul

Enterprise-wide security and protection have suddenly become a major concern and a Board-level issue following the September 11 terrorist attacks, the major corporate scandals at ENRON, MCI and many other disasters. There is a dire need to recognize enterprise protection as an “integral” part of doing business in a global threat environment.Furthermore, changes in the business models that include externalization of the business and outsourcing of applications, and complex information processing and network connectivity with remote access are a worldwide phenomenon as organizations seek to enter the e-commerce and function globally.Today’s enterprises now have highly fractionated organizational structures and insular and myopic provisions to deal with the new global threat environment.  This leaves them highly exposed to financial losses and business disruptions.

The Federal government has taken bold steps by creating the Homeland Security Department to integrate Federal, State and Local protection.  Yet the private sector has so far done very little to assess and improve their fragmented enterprise protection and security infrastructure.  Accordingly, enterprise protection and security are in serious need of overhaul.

        Consequently, all types of organizations, need to assess the adequacy of their present protection approaches and restructure their enterprise-wide risk assessment, protection, security and business continuity provisions to ensure they are able to cope with the plethora of new world threats and uncontrollable disasters, especially in view of the urgent need to comply with recent corporate governance legislation, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, and others.

What You Will Learn

This unique seminar provides you with best practices and a plan of action to ensure that your enterprise is well protected in today’s complex and global threat environment.  Specifically, you will learn:


a)   How to spot deficiencies in present organizational structures for security from highly segmented plans and practices

b)    How to restructure enterprise-wide protection for optimal security and risk minimization

c)  The contents of a detailed action plan for developing, deploying and managing a reengineered enterprise protection program..

Who Should Attend


     CEOs, CSOs, CIOs, CFOs;

     Internal and external auditors, compliance officers fraud control and abuse officials

     Risk management executives, legal counsel and management advisors

     Contingency planning and business continuity professionals

     Any line and staff executive and staff who need to plan and deploy corporate and operational security and protection in both the public and private sectors.

Seminar Agenda


1.     Enterprise’s Risk Management, Security and Protection Respornsibilities and Efforts Are Highly Fractionated in the Private and Public Sectors

2.    Deficiencies in Present Enterprise Risk Management, Security and Protection Programs.

3.   The High Cost of Inadequate and Fragmented Enterprise Security and the Benefits of Integrating Risk Management, Security and Business Continuity Programs

4.    Establishing (Auditing) Where You Are and Deficiencies in Your Security/Protection Programs.

5.   New Organizational Paradigms to Dramatically Improve Enterprise Protection and Security

6.    Options for Centralizing Security Planning and Architecturing While Decentralizing Execution.

7.    A Detailed Plan of Action to Restructure and Improve Enterprise Protection, Security and Risk Management.

8.   Workshop – A Discussion on Improving your Enterprise Protection and Security Programs


Seminar Fee: $650


Participants receive an unpublished set of seminar notes and a copy of the lecturer’s book: How to Maximize Enterprise-wide Security and Protection by Integrating Risk Management, Security and Business Continuity – Restructuring Enterprise Protection Functions” ( $160 value).


Meeting place will be provided at registration time. 

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