Management Advisory Services & Publications (MASP) - The Enterprise and Information Technologies Audit, Security and Internal Controls company celebrates 30 years providing:

Since 1972, MASP has served the worldwide community's executives, CIOs, auditors, security, internal control and disaster recovery professionals providing consulting services, training, and professional books, manuals and journals in IT security, auditing, internal control and business contingency and continuity planning.

The Contingency Planning & Recovery Institute (CPR-I) is solely devoted to development, research, consulting, training and professional publications in the fields of enterprise contingency, business continuity and resumption planning.   It also offers a Critical Business Process-oriented contingency and business resumption program that is unique in the industry as it goes beyond simple IT contingency planning.  CPR-I and MASP also offer a Business Process Contingency Plan "model" in electronic form, which is available on a license basis to help you develop your own contingency plans.  MASP also publishes the quarterly "Contingency Planning & Recovery Journal (CPR-J)" that is devoted to current issues of vital interest to business continuity professionals.



A MASP consultant can assist you with:

Our unique expertise preparing detailed "Action Plans" will help you achieve compliance to the requirements of SOA.  In addition, we can train your management and staff on the key aspects of Sarbanes-Oxley and we offer you a practitioner's manual to guide you towards SOA compliance.


MASP frequently participates in countless international conferences and symposiums with speaking engagements for professional societies (IIA, ISACA, NIVRA, EDI, etc.) and many other independent training institutes worldwide. MASP offers:


It is MASP’s firm policy to offer only experienced consultants and lecturers with a wealth of experience gained over decades of practice in information technologies, management consulting and lecturing.

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